Products and services

Our work-methodology allows quickly understandingthe needs of your business and delivering automatic solutions inside of the narrow timeframe, and high quality levels demanded by the market and the control entities.

We have enough experience to help your organization and get the best advantages of your investmentsin technology, and in the creation of clear, productive, and profitable software products.


Manufacture Software:


  • Analysis and build of requirements
  • Technical design
  • Develop in IBM i® environments (iSeries, AS400)
  • Integration application IBMi® (iSeries, AS400) and other platforms
  • Support and integration
  • Design, execution and control of quality processes and testing



  • Customer processes consulting
  • Liability and asset processes consulting
  • Accounting processes consulting
  • Data base consulting
  • Communication and infrastructure consulting
  • Creation of software and processes to new products and services

Providing personal


  • Quality and testing professionals
  • Software engineering professionals
  • Project management professionals

Special processes


  • Data migration
  • Software update
  • Operation support: problem investigations and causes error